The name of a person determines his fate

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Many parents, choosing a name for a child, see that the name is phonetically compatible with the middle name. This aspect will greatly help the child in the future, because a hard-to-pronounce name can lead to difficulties for both the child and people in his environment.

And they do this, by the way, very correctly, because in many cultures of the world they agree on one thing — name and patronymic very much affect the fate of the child.

Let’s talk about which name is better to choose.

Esoteric teachings suggest that name and patronymic should be coordinated based on whether they are “soft” or “hard”.

According to esotericists, a name affects a person’s consciousness, and a middle name affects his subconscious.

Ideally, choosing a child’s name, you need to make the name “soft” and the middle name “solid”. Service explaining the meaning of all names and surnames:

“Hard” names include those in which the number of solid sounds predominates, for example, Oleg, Olga, Gleb.

And to “soft” names can be attributed those in which the predominant amount of soft sounds, for example, Alexei, Alena.

If you name the child so that his name will be “soft” and his middle name, on the contrary, firm, then this child will seem docile, soft, but such a person will have a solid life position, he will not let anyone “sit on his neck «And will always be able to fend for itself.

Worse, if it turns out that a “hard” name and a “soft” middle name are combined.

In such a situation, internally the child will be very soft, sometimes even indecisive in making important decisions, but outwardly he will try his best to be “cool”.

It is best to call the child from childhood in this case some diminutive form of the name.

For example, Oleg can be called Alik, and George — Gosha.

There are also neutral names that go well with any other. These include: Maria, Cyril, Alexei, Vasily.

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